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Premises Liability/Trip and Fall

FACTS: The Plaintiff stepped out of his apartment onto the apartment
building’s outdoor walkway when the Plaintiff tripped and fell on a
round tree dropping (liquidambar tree dropping). Several months
prior to the Plaintiff’s fall…


Motorcyclist suffers from automobile accident

FACTS: The Plaintiff’s motorcycle was cut off by the Defendant’s
vehicle causing the Plaintiff to violently impact the pavement. The
Plaintiff left the scene of the accident without seeking emergency
medical care.

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Arvin Car Accident Lawyers

We’re passionate about helping victims of uber car accidents get great legal representation.

Accidents involving Uber are not like regular vehicle accidents that may occur in Staten Island. Neither are passengers of this form of transportation like normal vehicle passengers. Under regulations of the Staten Island Taxi and Limousine Commission, Staten Island Uber drivers are classified as professionals.

Their passengers are considered business patrons. As a result, this has a tremendous effect on how liability, damages and insurance coverage is handled after a serious accident.

Injuries in an Accident Involving Uber Drivers

While driving your car, you might suffer injuries during a crash with an Uber driver. In this instance, your personal insurance plan should cover medical expenses and a percentage of wages you lost to recover from the injuries.

If those injuries are classified as serious, you might be eligible to file a claim against the driver. Serious injuries may result in:

• Dismemberment
• Fracture
• Miscarriage
• Significant disfigurement
• Limitation to or permanent loss of a body organ or part of your body such as a hand or leg
• Limiting impairment that prevents you from performing normal activities for a minimum 90 days
• Death

As a passenger of an Uber vehicle, injuries you sustain may fall under a Personal Injury Protection policy. This type of policy pays regardless to who was at-fault for the accident. While Uber drivers must carry the minimum $200,000 policy, even moderate injuries can eclipse this amount of more than one person was injured.

If this is what happened with your injuries, you might be able to file a claim with the Uber driver’s liability insurance policy.

Insurance Laws for Staten Island Uber Drivers

Uber drivers in Staten Island are held to high standards regarding rideshare regulations. They must hold a special license that is also issued to taxi drivers and other commercial drivers.

In addition to the no-fault insurance policy, the Staten Island Taxi and Limousine Commission requires a liability policy with at least a per person coverage of $100,000. The minimum per accident amount for this policy is $300,000.

These regulations were passed by the commission after Uber refused to take responsibility for fatal vehicle accidents that occurred when drivers were picking up passengers.

As an Uber passenger who has suffered serious injuries, a Staten Island Uber car accident lawyer will know where to file your claim. He or she is familiar with the insurance regulations that control how crashes involving Uber drivers should be handled.

Staten Island Uber Accident Liability Law

The law is quickly evolving on Uber’s corporate liability when serious accidents occur with one of its drivers. Being held responsible for the accidents and injuries caused by its drivers, the company will need to pay additional compensation for damages to injured victims. This is no different than any other major corporation that should be held responsible for its employee’s negligence.

One argument Uber makes is that its drivers are not employees, but in fact are classified as independent contractors. Nevertheless, there might be some legal recourse when you are injured while the Uber driver is transporting passengers.

If you or a loved one were in an accident that involved an Uber driver make sure you speak with a Staten Island accident lawyer as soon as possible. You do not want to miss deadlines for medical and other benefits to which you are entitled to under the liability law.

You Need a Staten Island Uber Accident Lawyer Who Understands the Law

When you or someone you care about has been injured in an accident with an Uber driver, your primary concern is not how Uber classifies the driver’s employment status. Your focus is on getting justice and the compensation you deserve so you can heal. Ensuring your family’s financial security is also of the utmost concern.

For these reasons, you need a Staten Island Uber car accident lawyer who will review your case carefully. He or she will help to ensure you can exercise your legal rights. By understanding the complexities of laws governing vehicle accidents involving Uber, your lawyer know when and how to file a claim on your behalf.

Learn more about how you can recover money that will help you or a loved one pay for medical treatment, rehabilitation and other expenses related to car accident injuries. Contact a Staten Island Uber car accident lawyer today to schedule a free consultation.